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Hi. I'm Nikki. I probably want to be your friend. I like kpop, and a lot of other assorted things. Prepare yourself for some unfunny commentary about the wonderful quintet SHINee.

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"I am thankful,
for each second of every moment,
for the dazzling road on which I am walking,
for the precious people that surround me." -Onew

MC asked Onew to demonstrate a grandpa version of Sherlock..

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lee jinki y u no wear fitting shirts more often


091114 카운트다운

how do you do that with your face

how do you handsome like that

goddammit onew

“You don’t know how other people will accept words you say by mistake. I believe that you can change a life with just one word. If I feel that I’m in the wrong then I apologize no matter what. If I happen to slightly brush past someone on the street I say that I’m sorry first. That’s what my parents taught me to do since I was young. To always greet the security ahjusshi even if I see him several times a day. I think the inner thoughts that I formed as I lived like that have made me who I am.”
Onew (SHINee)

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I wanna see you angry…

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Singing along to Bubble Pop.