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for each second of every moment,
for the dazzling road on which I am walking,
for the precious people that surround me." -Onew

ok guys so i bought some hella nice socks

after seeing that sock dream’s socks have a pretty solid rap for fitting bigger legs, i spent some of my christmas money and bought a few pairs of socks! i am very satisfied overall omg!

before i start, wow my legs look extra lumpy and strange from the angle these photos have been taken at but whatever. also, ignore the mess.

first pair! this was the pair i was most concerned about, it wasn’t in the plus size section of the store, i just really really liked how they looked. they remind me of funfetti cake and that makes me very happy. the fact that they easily and comfortably rest right below my knee also made me happy ;u;

second pair! the second and third pairs are the same style sock, but different colors. i like them both! however, on my thighs they have to be cuffed and folded down, or the fabric just awkwardly rolls down my calves. i’m no stranger to this issue with socks, though, so i’m not irritated by this. these socks are also veryyyy veryyyy soft and warm, so that makes up for it.

third pair! as mentioned above, same style as the second pair, but a beautiful deep wine reddish color, officially dark red, but much prettier than that naming suggests. i really love this color and am happy i picked it!

fourth pair! oh my gosh these are so great. while they are marketed as super long thigh highs, i was skeptical as to how high on my thighs these would actually go. my thighs are quite thick, even thicker than these photos would lead one to assume haha. so i was so amazed when i pulled these things up to my mid thigh without a terrible fight. my mom was very impressed, as she was even more skeptical than i was.

 and the last photo is my order form omg, i asked them to draw a turtle wearing socks and wow its the cutest!!! the people at sock dreams are the sweetest people i’ve ever encountered wow

all in all, i heartily recommend sock dreams if you’re lookin for cool and/or nice socks!

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