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"I am thankful,
for each second of every moment,
for the dazzling road on which I am walking,
for the precious people that surround me." -Onew


June 23, 1611: The mutinous crew of Henry Hudson’s fourth voyage sets Hudson and his loyal crew members adrift in an open boat in what is now Hudson Bay; they are never seen again. 

Gorham Manufacturing Co. (Frank J. Ready, designer), Memorial to Henry Hudson: The Arrival of the Halve Maen, 1609, 1908. Leaded glass. New-York Historical Society, Gift of the Society of the Daughters of Holland Dames of New York, 1908.40


meguro river

a final post

i went to a wedding today

i havent been to a wedding in several years, and this is the first one involving people who i actually knew/cared about

im tired and need to get off the computer so i’ll keep it short:

i know the idea and institution of marriage is full of patriarchal and societal bullshit, i do, i get it, but shit, have you ever seen two people so in love with each other that they’re willing to seal the deal emotionally, physically, mentally? that takes fucking balls to admit to someone that you don’t need any more than them in your life and there’s no doubt in your mind. that’s fucking crazy that people can feel that confident about love and stuff

now ive never been in love so what do i know

but idk it was just inspiring to see people devote their lives to each other….like….i can’t even imagine being confident enough to put my faith in someone like that

idk if marriage is even for me personally, but it was just so beautiful to watch other people willingly take that step together.

it gave me all sorts of feelings. idk.

you know its serious when i use the title bar:


hey yall!! the next two weeks are gonna be really busy for me

tomorrow and saturday i’m going to a friend’s sister’s wedding/rehearsal dinner, and on sunday i’m leaving for a thirteen day trip to europe (france/spain/morocco) with my school

and even if i brought my laptop, i would barely have time to use it because of the amount of shit they have us doing each day, and how tired i will be because of it. so…im not bringing my laptop, despite how light and portable it actually is lol…i just don’t need to be slinging it out at every security checkpoint and being paranoid about it getting stolen or broken the entire time when i’m barely gonna use it.

i will be bringing my phone so maybe i’ll show up on mobile here, but probably not tbh. texting will also be a terrible bitch to anyone, bc of my cellphone plan. so that’s out too

point is, i probably won’t be around for the majority of the next two weeks or so!

but uh yeah, i’m not dead so pls dont unfollow me sob, i love you all

if something crazy happens in the kpoops hmu, ok??

wooo im leavin tomorrow wooooo


“keep the change, ya filthy animal”


bugs irl


bugs in animal crossing


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to catch a bus you have to think like a bus

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