It's milk and eggs, bitch!
Hi. I'm Nikki. I probably want to be your friend. I like kpop, and a lot of other assorted things. Prepare yourself for some unfunny commentary about the wonderful quintet SHINee.

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"I am thankful,
for each second of every moment,
for the dazzling road on which I am walking,
for the precious people that surround me." -Onew


American Horror Story: Coven

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Are you fucking kidding me? Did we all just wake up in 1938?

This is actual Nazi shit!! And people wanna act like anti-semitism isn’t still EXTREMELY dangerous!

Holy shit…..

if this article has any merit, then this post is only so true. according to our lord and savior, snopes, it’s only partly true, these flyers definitely exist, and were def circulated, but this isnt a governmental order or anything???


when he texts first <3

“Fans often comment that “it’s different in Asia.” Asians often make matter-of-fact comments about others’ appearances; it’s a completely normal thing to do and anyone criticising it is just being ethnocentric and trying to force American attitudes onto Asians. Seeing as the US already controls so much of the global narrative, this is a valid concern; but at the same time, it dismisses those who speak up against this behaviour on their own merit. Asian cultures are different, yes, and we shouldn’t look at them through only the lens of an American context. But this doesn’t exclude Asian cultures from criticism either, and people have every right to denounce the shadeism (and body shaming) that has become a normal part of life: speaking bluntly is one thing, constant mockery is another.”


I don’t even press play anymore I just reblog

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name: nikki
height: 5’3
eye colour: brown
birthday: 4/29
favorite colour(s): pastels of any kinds: pinks, blues, mint green
best school subject(s):  english/social studies
current shirt colour: grey
day or night: ehhhh….night, i guess
religion: essentially atheist, but saying atheist out loud feels weird, i dunno
gender: female
orientation: queer man idk at this point
single or taken: single
celebrity crush: nico mirallegro
coffee or tea: coffee, but i’m becoming impartial to both. i enjoy juice, like a true child.

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